Richard Lacy

Director of Photographer / Editor

Richard Lacy has a wide range of experience in many phases of production spanning over 25 years. Starting as a freelance script writer, his love for production took him behind the camera where he specialized in film lighting & camera movement resulting in over 20 years experience on feature films & commercials. In 2004 he founded and directed the Houston Halloween Film Festival to encourage collaboration between independent filmmakers and established industry professionals. As operator of LiteShaper Films he continues to write, shoot, edit and direct and has won numerous awards including an Emmy for the SNAP organization and a Platinum Worldfest Award, and the Barbara Jordan Media Award for the documentary We Belong: A Case for Inclusion about special needs children being included in regular classrooms. Currently he is working as a freelance Director of Photography. In addition to filmmaking, he loves physics, mountain biking, meditation and the space program, and has frequent disagreements with the nature of gravity. His ambition is to one day mountain bike on Mars. His best productions to date are his children Hannah, Nate & Zach.